RiboCORE Seminars

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Tuesday Aug 9th, 3 pm

Sean O'Leary Department of Structural Biology, Stanford

Title: To be announced

Location: BMC, C8:301

Fika will be served! 

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Tuesday Aug 16th, 3 pm

Jonathan Dworkin Dept. of Microbiology and Immunology, Columbia University

Title: Entry into and exit from bacterial dormancy

Location: BMC

Lunch and fika will be served in Öbrinkrummet after the seminar

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RiboCORE – From ribosome structure to bacterial physiology

The aim of RiboCORE is to through multidisciplinary studies of the ribosome gain insights and results that are not limited by the expertise of individual groups. The research is led by seven internationally recognized group leaders with expertise in computational biology, molecular biology, fast kinetics, crystallography, single molecule and single cell imaging, systems biology, molecular genetics and molecular evolution. The research is performed within a tight collaboration between groups in the departments of Cell and Molecular biology and Medical biochemistry and microbiology at BMC, Uppsala University.

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 RiboCORE is funded by a 47.5 million SEK grant from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation 2011-2016.