RiboCORE Seminars

Happy Holidays! 

The seminar series will take a break but we'll be back in the spring with interesting speakers such as Erik Böttger, Marat Jusupov, Harry Noller and Joachim Frank. 

RiboCORE Retreat 2015

The 2015 RiboCORE retreat will be held at Sigtunahöjden conference center May 5th to May 7th. 

Confirmed speakers:

  • Jody Puglisi

  • Zoya Ignatova

  • Dieter Söll

  • Terry Hwa

Registration will open soon.

RiboCORE – From ribosome structure to bacterial physiology

The aim of RiboCORE is to through multidisciplinary studies of the ribosome gain insights and results that are not limited by the expertise of individual groups. The research is led by seven internationally recognized group leaders with expertise in computational biology, molecular biology, fast kinetics, crystallography, single molecule and single cell imaging, systems biology, molecular genetics and molecular evolution. The research is performed within a tight collaboration between groups in the departments of Cell and Molecular biology and Medical biochemistry and microbiology at BMC, Uppsala University.

RiboCORE retreat 2014


 RiboCORE is funded by a 47.5 million SEK grant from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation 2011-2016.



RiboCOURSE 2015

Aim of the course:

  • To promote the scientific discussion and the ability to critically read and understand a scientific publication.
  • To get acquainted with topics that might not be in the immediate focus of the individual research project.
  • To meet and discuss with people in the RiboCORE community.
  • To solve problems in your own research by introducing new perspectives.

The course comprises five literature seminars and two problem solving work-shops:

Litterateur seminar: At least one week before the course occasion the paper/papers to be discussed are distributed. These papers should be read in depth before the seminar so that the content could be argued for or against in a convincing matter. Who should defend or criticize the paper will be decided on the seminar.

Problem solving work-shop: Each student prepares one (or several) problems that they have been struggling with in their research and would like input on from the community. The format is similar to the problem solving session at the Rånäs retreat, but without the presentation part.

Start: January 15th, 2015

Location: BMC, E10:3309

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Dept. of Cell and Molecular Biology

Dept. of Medical Biochemistry and Microbiology